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Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering is a four year (eight semesters) course aimed for building infrastructures for the development of the nation. It mainly deals with the design, construction and research in its respective field. Nepal lies in an area where seismic activities and other natural disasters like landslides, floods and adverse effect of climate changes pose threat for the development of infrastructure. Hence this field of engineering has challenges to mitigate those effects. Increasing trend of urbanization needs to be addressed through proper planning. design and construction of water supply system. sewerage. roads and highways to cope up with rapid infrastructure development of the nation. This has become more contextual in the sense that our country is in the need of huge reconstruction in aftermath of earthquake and this obviously has Led to the demand of good number of dedicated and industrious Civil Engineers. A Civil Engineering degree, often addressed as mother of all engineering, is a highly diverse and numerate degree that provides an opportunity to serve the nation and is also a passport to any analytical career.


Total intake capacity of this programme is 96.

Career in Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering graduates have the prospective career opportunity at different private and public arena in national to international Levels. They can work as

  • Government Officer
  • Consultant
  • Construction Expert
  • Academician
  • Researcher
  • Enterpreneur
  • Designer
  • Project Manager